About the Seminar

The SAEL (Advanced Seminar on Elliptic Partial Differential Equations) aims to bring together researchers and students in advanced research seminars focused on the area of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations. Currently, the Mathematics Department has a significant group of professors with doctorates in this area. Therefore, it is natural for these professors to gather to present their research, showcase new methods, discuss research procedures, and, most importantly, interact with each other. This collaborative environment mainly aims to foster the emergence of new co-authored research.

Additionally, SAEL provides an excellent opportunity for Master’s and Ph.D. students to interact with each other and with more experienced researchers in the field. During the seminar, Ph.D. students also have the opportunity to present their research.

SAEL is held periodically, on a specific day of the week, and lasts for two hours. In each session, one of the participants makes a presentation, followed by a break for questions and comments, thus promoting an environment of discussion and mutual learning.