Welcome to the official website of the “II [B_1^-]: Analysis and PDE from the South”, which is to be held virtually, in the months of January and February 2022. The Congress aims to promote a series of short courses in the area of Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, with special emphasis on the work of researchers from the southern hemisphere. We strongly believe that by strengthening the science and the engineering in developing nations, we can develop knowledge and, consequently, acquire skills to address such challenges as hunger, disease and poverty.

We always thought of this Congress as a great opportunity to make mathematics, especially of the south, more popular and better known in our society. And we have made our best to make of this a special event for all our friends and colleagues from around the world, providing, remotely, a (re)encounterplace for the scientific community. We hope that the event can motivate everyone to interact and learn more about the mathematics of this hemisphere!